About Us

Since 2011, Coach Joe has been providing to folks of North Georgia all natural hickory smoked USDA meats, seafood products, specialty sauces and seasoning blends for catering customers, restaurants and other distribution channels. Now we are bringing Coach Joe’s Online that allows distribution to all of the United States of America.

Coach Joe’s has been successful in establishing long-term relationships with Highlands Hickory Market and many other food manufacturers and distributors.  Because of these relationships we are continually able to exceed our customers expectations with the highest quality of products and services.

Coach Joe’s knows that providing to our customers the highest quality product is only achieved when recognized. So, we will continually work to exceed everyone’s expectations every time we deliver our products.

 We look forward to serving you!

Coach Joe’s Online would like to acknowledge and thank Carlos Garcia and family for the amazing pictures that truly show the quality of the products we sell.

Join Coach Joe's Breakfast Waffle Club -- (12) Pearl Sugar Waffles and (12) Waffle Stacker Sandwiches (different ones each month) will be sent to members

Waffle stackers at Atlanta AirportCoach Joe's Waffle Stacker sandwiches are now available at the Coffee Beanery-Atlanta Airport at Gate B3 of Concord B!!! Stop by and get yours now.

Coming Soon:

  • Coach Joe's products will be offered at Atlanta's newest grocery store -- City Provisions